Animation Desk for Kids 1.1.2

Animation Desk for Kids 1.1.2


Size:20.4 MB

Date Added:10 July, 2014



***Happy Holidays! Looking for a child friendly app that helps cultivate the creativity of your loved ones? Animation Desk for Kids is now FREE for a limited time!***
***Celebrating 20 Million Downloads, Reflecting 20 Million Endorsements of Kdan Mobile.***

Inspire to Animate, Animate to Inspire. Do You Know Paintings Have Lives? Kids Do!
There is a better way to nurture the creativity of our kids. All kids love drawing and painting. That"s why we went back to the drawing board and created Animation Desk for Kid. Animation Desk for Kid is a dedicated animation creating application that expands the boundaries of kid"s imagination. Unlike any other drawing applications, Animation Desk for Kid gives kids tools to create their own stories and animate their paintings. Animation Desk for Kid gives storytelling a completely different landscape.

Here"s why your kids will love Animation Desk for Kid:
+ Freestyle finger drawing on the iPad: more fun than paper-based drawing.
+ Three pre-installed vibrant drawing interfaces for kids to switch from.
+ Various brushes and colors available: no more painting on the walls or couches. Plus there are more pen types available!
+ Add sound effects to the works: No more dull paintings.
+ How about making a simple animated movie? Your kid"s painted animals, sceneries, portraits can move! Just draw several frames with the Onion Skinning feature and let Animation Desk for Kid dazzle you.

Ever wonder how Buzz Light Year and Woody can move and talk in Toy Story*? Kids will have so much fun exploring the beauty of hand-drawn animations with Animation Desk for Kid. We can"t think of a better way to inspire, create, and educate.

Download Animation Desk for Kid today and animate away!
Main Features:
Three different types of realistic and colorful scenes for animation creating

Bucket fill tool, pencil, brush and eraser

Slide up and down to change brush and eraser size

See an overlay of previous and next frames

Bring the animation to life by adding sound effects

Three different types of frame rate for playing speed

Create and manage files with two easy steps

Only one tap to edit, duplicate, move and delete frames
We value your feedback and comments as they help us make Animation Desk better! We also have access to the professional user community and constant refer to them for future product improvements. Talk to us on Facebook and let us know how we could make it better for you!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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